Jewelry designer Vincenzo Taormina is the owner and founder of Taormina Jewelry Inc. ​Born and raised in Italy, He has been creating jewelry since he was a young boy, next to his father and grandfather. Although he had the best teachers and mentors an apprentice could dream of, he was never really satisfied with creating traditional jewelry. He always dream of creating something different, something unique. He consistently challenged himself to go beyond the conventional design solutions and trends; he focused on craftsmanship and details. For him, style should be simple, minimal, yet unique; a perfect balance of material, form, structure and innovation. Vincenzo was inspired by modern architectural and engineering designs. His goal was to create head turning jewelry, timeless pieces that would not be discarded as trends change. Pieces for a life time of enjoyment. Innovative comfortable designs that flows and contains wizardry, with power that amazes and sparks you and your endless imagination. In 2004, after extensive experience in jewelry sales, management and creation, The Taormina Jewelry was born.