Taormina Jewelry the missing gap in the Jewelry Market....

The Taormina Jewelry Inc. was born in 2004.

Vincenzo Taormina, founder and designer has an inborn innovative mind, and has been able to create a unique line of jewelry accessible and glamorous for Men and Woman.
Taormina Jewelry are among the highest expression of Modern Evolution of Jewelry, they are characterized by experimentation, new ideas and research combining new and traditional materials. Each jewel is an art object by Vincenzo Taormina, the Artist..
Through his Designs, Vincenzo shares his emotions and values to become part of the lives and dreams of those who wear the jewelry.

Our Jewelry isn't really for the masses, it's for the person who wants to make a statement, the individual who wants to be different and Unique. We focus on creativity and innovation, excellence of products, service guarantees, business ethics and continuous professional improvement for assuring delight and satisfaction.

Our Mission is to offer products and service that help you improve your quality of life and make yourself happy or achieve those goals for others through your gift of our jewelry.

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