​​Thanks to the Steel's springiness we were able to set the gemstones only by its shank, without the use of common prong and bezel settings, which tend to loosen with wear and tear. The stones overlook is fully exposed in its beauty and brilliance. The mounting is stronger than most conventional noble metals. By statistical, practical and mechanical point of view Tension Setting Rings will never loose the Stone. Only by the use of a special tool, a Stone can be de-mounted from the settings.



Taormina's Tension Rings are create to the exact size provided to us by the Buyer. For technical reasons Tension Rings cannot be resized by safely stretched, severed, or filed down, therefore any error on selecting a size, necessitates the crafting of a New ring. Therefore, before selecting a ring size, we strongly suggest to visit your local jeweler and have them size your finger professionally.